Arguably the best carpet cushion manufactured.GreenPad Ultra outperforms the heavier, more expensive rubber pads that are currently used in our Hospitality Industry. Our GreenPad products are available for public space or guest rooms. GreenPad Ultra begins with our synthetic pad base topped with a blend of recycled polypropylene that gives it closed cell, moisture barrier along with very high sound deadening characteristics. GreenPad Ultra has the highest Noise Reduction Coefficient of any pad ever manufactured-84. Additionally, GreenPad Ultra will provide the best “feel underfoot” of any hospitality pad available.

• Highest sound deadening component of any pad manufactured.
• Closed cell top that acts as a moisture barrier.
• Pet Friendly Underlayment
• Better feel under foot
• Best Compression and Deflection available
• GreenPad is made with 100% post-consumer products
• GreenPad is recyclable after its use
• 293 Tensile Strength means that GreenPad Ultra can be removed after its use- No need for Quick Release adhesives or added pad cost

Download Specifications (PDF)