At ACF we provide a solution to your padding problems. We only sell the highest, first quality pad direct. Combine carpet and pad shipments on a dedicated truck to solve your logistics problems.

The SMG Barrier is effective at reducing pass-through and reverberation noise. A quiet, peaceful environment for your applications can now be engineered from the ground up. The SMG Barrier is integrated into GreenPad, Matrix, and is available for all synthetic pad weights.

Not all Synthetic Pads are created equally. It all begins with the Fibers. Our Fibers come from our sister company, Columbia Recycling. The Fibers we select are the cleanest Fibers available. Absolutely no fillers, so no matter how wet the pad becomes- NO ODORS, EVER.

Everyone seems to want to. They talk about it, but do they really mean it. Why wouldn’t you? Our products cost less than all other products that are not recyclable. Our products are only made with 100% POST-CONSUMER GOODS. Our products are RECYCLABLE AFTER THEIR USE. LEED points have been created as an incentive to recycle. Our pad can garner up to 5 LEED points depending upon the ship to address. Our Matrix product is manufactured from TWO POST CONSUMER PRODUCTS- TWICE THE LEED POINTS

People like to describe carpet pad in weight or density. They convince you that the heaviest pad is the better pad. Were this to be true, dense, heavy concrete would be the best pad. Let’s get real. Carpet pad supports your carpet as a mattress would a person.

When a person lays down on a mattress, the mattress compresses to absorb the weight. When the person gets up, the mattress deflects back to its original position. Same can be said for a shock absorber.

If we measure Compression and Deflection
of our carpet pad, the comparison would make more sense than weight or density to determine which is the best pad. Higher compression and deflection numbers tell us how much weight the pad will support and how quickly the pad will return to its original shape. The less movement that we have on the carpet backing, the longer the carpet will last. GreenPad Ultra has three times the Compression and Deflection of most rubber Double Stick products.To Compress GreenPad Ultra it takes 10 pounds per square inch to Compress the pad 25%. To Compress a 68-ounce rubber pad 25%, 3 pounds per square inch will do the same. To deflect the same GreenPad Ultra, it can hold 50 pounds per square inch for a 65% Deflection. To compare this to the same 68-ounce rubber pad, it can hold 20 pounds per square inch to get the same 65% Deflection.To explain this so it makes sense- using GreenPad Ultra, your carpet will feel better and last longer. Period.